BsAs4u Review: Anuva Wines Wine Tasting

In a discreet house in the heart of Palermo Soho hides the beautiful loft of Anuva Wines, where we were welcomed in for an afternoon of tasting some of the most prestigious Argentine wines. If you are a wine connoisseur, or just a simple wine appreciator like me, then this is truly a must-do activity Buenos Aires!

For the Anuva wine tastings in Buenos Aires, the table was set as if we were the guests of honor, with five cups and a dish for 5 appetizers that accompanied every tasting. We were a group of 8 people seated at this huge and impressive table. You could really feel that the place was carefully prepared especially for this wine tasting, with a chic and relaxed atmosphere that lasted approximately 1.5 hours.  I recommend wearing more relaxed and stylish clothes, so you can enjoy this experience with utmost comfort.

The evening at Anuva Wines was hosted by our very animated sommelier, Poppy, who guided us through the details of each step in this special wine tasting universe. She did it in such a simple and dynamic way that everyone, even those who are not oenology experts, can understand and appreciate the best of the Argentine wines proposed. Poppy encouraged us to feel and observe the color of the wine.  To see and feel the color’s relationship with the taste, we engaged with every sip of each of the wines presented.

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires - Anuva Wines

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires – Anuva Wines

The first on the wine tasting agenda was the sparkling Chenin Chardonnay, accompanied with a delicious cream cheese, basil and pear sandwich. Absolutely divine. The following was a Torrontés white wine and three other red wines. We tasted one Bonarda red and two exquisite Malbec wines with their respective appetizers. With each passing hour the experience become somewhat of game with the aim to exercise our sensitivity that allows us to appreciate and differentiate the various types of wine.

Wine tasting at Anuva Wines is like being invited to a friend’s house that knows a great deal about wine and taste some of the best bottles in their wine cellar. No complex explanations about the processes of production, the storage or type of grape etc. It is a simple wine tasting with a homely carefree flare that allows you to truly appreciate the exquisite taste of the Argentine wines. We relaxed, tasted great wines, interacted, asked questions, and also had a chance to provide some feedback about our experience.

At the end of the wine tasting presentation, Poppy recapped the wines we had experienced during the tasting. We had a choice to buy the wines that we tasted during the evening or purchase from the selection that is available in the Anuva Wines cellar, with prices that are simply unmissable. When going to a wine tasting in Buenos Aires think about bringing some cash with you (they accept both pesos and dollars) so you can take home some of these wonderful Argentine Wines.

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires - Anuva Boutique Wines

Wine tasting in Buenos Aires – Anuva Boutique Wines

Reservations to attend the wine tasting in Buenos Aires should be done in advance due to the intimate nature of the event. The explanations during the night are done by an English native speaker who has extensive knowledge of the wine making world. But between you and me, after the second glass of wine we all become experts. There is also the option to have the wine tasting experience done with a Spanish guide, upon special request. Anuva Wines Boutique is located at the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, which is the hub of many other great activities in Buenos Aires.

We had an amazing time, getting lost in the flavors, smells and great company. It was definitely a night to remember and one I will be telling stories of it for years to come. 

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 By: Michelson Novaes Santos




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