Things to do on the 25th of May

We’re only half way through the week, and the weekend still seems a long way away… But hold on just one moment! This Friday, no need to go to the office because in Buenos Aires we celebrate el Día de la Revolución de Mayo (May Revolution Day)! It’s a very important day for the Argentine people, so if you’re traveling to Buenos Aires this week, come experience the local festivities on make the most of things to do on the 25th of May in Buenos Aires.

Here’s a bit of history for you. Día de la Revolución is celebrated in the memory of the May Revolution of 1810, which was a series of events that took place between the 18th and the 25th of May. The holiday marks the anniversary of the beginning Buenos Aires’s independence from the Spanish government, when defeated by the French and under pressure by the local population of Buenos Aires, collapsed to give place to newly formed government called La Primera Junta (The First Council).

This day is marked in the hearts of the Argentine population as it is in a way the birth of everything we have come to love about this wonderful country; it’s delicious food, its beautiful Tango, its extraordinary football accomplishments. This event is what created Buenos Aires’s cultural identity, as well as sense of patriotism for the country.

Things to do on the 25th of May in Buenos Aires

25 de mayo celebrations in Buenos Aires

Things to do on the 25th of May in Buenos Aires:

If you are travelling to Buenos Aires this Friday here are a couple of things to do on the 25th of May:

– Join the celebrations of the National Government in the well renowned Plaza de Mayo. The events usually gather hundreds of people and politic manifestations with concerts and speeches by national politicians.

– If you are a follower of the local gastronomy, don’t forget to get a taste of the local food. On this day, it is tradition for the Porteños to eat Locro, which is a sort of stew made out of mostly corn, meat and vegetables. A delicious dish, with a very typical Andean taste, but it should probably be preferable not to eat much for breakfast before!

Mmm Locro!

Mmm Locro!

– For desert, stop at a bakery and try out the delicious Pastelitos de Batata y Membrillo, which are little pastries made of sweet potatoes and quince.

– If you decided to go sightseeing in the city, don’t forget to go have a look at the May Revolution’s historic legacy. These events will forever be remembered through some of Buenos Aires’s oldest landmarks such as the Piramide de Mayo (May Pyramid). You can also go to Palermo Soho and enjoy brunch at one of the local coffee stores of the city.

– Looking for a more relaxed approach and things to do on the 25th of May, head to Plaza Francia in Recoleta and Plaza Serrano in Palermo. They will both have local fairs with handicrafts, music and lots of other fun stuff, so these will be probably very nice places to take a walk and enjoy the local holiday atmosphere.

And if you are more interested in spending the Día de la Revolución joining a tour in Buenos Aires or making a guided visit outside Buenos Aires would be a great option to know more about the Argentinean culture.  Book today and benefit from our safe online booking services with BsAs4U. We will be happy to help in any way we can for things to do on the 25th of May, and this we do 24/7!

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