Peddlers vs Shops on Florida Street

If you come to Buenos Aires and shopping is one of your favourite activities, Florida Street is indeed the ideal place to visit. You can find hundreds of stores all along the traditional pedestrian Florida Street, from where it starts, right by Avenida de Mayo, to where it ends on Avenida Santa Fe, right in front of San Martín Park.

It is well known that Florida Street is a busy, attractive street for Buenos Aires tourists and one can’t help but notice the dozens of peddlers that invade this popular area every day of the week, from morning ‘til midnight. It may seem a problem that there’re so many of them that it’s difficult to walk but no, it’s not – the real problem is that travellers, because they’re distracted with the street artists and products laying on the floor, don’t realize that buying from them causes economic damage to local shops, that pay taxes among many other expenses in order to sell their products legally, contributing to a healthy economy.

Peddlers vs Shops on Florida Street

Peddlers vs Shops on Florida Street / source

We must mention that there’s a difference from regular peddlers and artisans: the Buenos Aires city government allows and even encourages artisans & craft fairs since their products are hand-made but do not confuse them with regular peddlers which usually are goods re-sellers and they usually not only affect the local shops but also, sometimes, represent a safety issue for casual shoppers.

So even though travellers may find some great deals by buying from some of these peddlers you must bear in mind that by paying a little bit at regular stores, you will be helping the city’s economy and discouraging illegal business that feeds unfair competition and bad habits like pickpocketing and swindling.

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