Buenos Aires Football Fixture 2014

Along with the tango and exquisite meat & wine, the Buenos Aires football is also a known Argentine passion. The porteño supporters’ enthusiasm for the world’s most played sport makes watching a

Top Football Stadiums in Buenos Aires

Visiting the football stadiums in Buenos Aires is a great way to honor the Argentine history of this sport, as well as enjoy the match itself. The football teams in the city

Top 5 Wines in Buenos Aires

Finding the top wines in Buenos Aires can be an herculean job, even for the pure of heart. It’s a tradition to buy wine to bring home from Buenos Aires, as visiting the

Carnival in Buenos Aires

For anyone unable to attend the carnival of the country in Gualeguaychú, fear not because the festivities are hitting the streets of Buenos Aires too! From now until March 4th, the Carnaval

BsAs4U Review: Panoramic Sailing Trip on Rio de la Plata

One of the new products in the BsAs4u catalogue is the Panoramic Sailing Trip on Rio de la Plata. This tour is perfect for sunny afternoons and for those who want to

BsAs4u Review: Anuva Wines Wine Tasting

In a discreet house in the heart of Palermo Soho hides the beautiful loft of Anuva Wines, where we were welcomed in for an afternoon of tasting some of the most prestigious

Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

A number of people visiting Argentina don’t have the time or money to venture much further afield than Buenos Aires, and therefore aren’t able to attend some of the country’s top wineries.

BsAs4u Review: Santa Susana Ranch Day Trip

The Santa Susana Ranch, located in the district of Campana, was established by an Argentine citizen of Irish descent who named the land after his wife, Susana Caffrey. Originally, the ranch was

Landmarks in San Antonio de Areco

Located just 115km from Buenos Aires, the quaint little gaucho town of San Antonio de Areco is a favourable option for a day trip or weekend away amongst tourists and porteños looking to

BsAs4u Review: Don Silvano Ranch Day Trip

The Don Silvano Ranch is located in the town of Capilla del Señor, approximately 85km from Buenos Aires. After being picked up from downtown in the morning, you’ll be transported to the

Tips to Enjoy Summer in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the leading cities for tourism in all of Latin America, and summer in Buenos Aires is one of the best times of the year to visit this

Zoos in Buenos Aires

A summer trip to Buenos Aires is a good opportunity to explore the surroundings of the city and make outdoor excursions. In addition to the many parks, estancias and boat rides along

The Best of Buenos Aires 2013

Some say that 2013 has passed very fast, while others are commenting that it’s been a long year. The fact is that we are now in the final stretch and certainly a

How to Survive Demonstrations in Buenos Aires

In remembrance of the 12th anniversary of the Corralito episode, when the president took off in a helicopter after freezing everyone’s bank accounts, a great protest near the Obelisk is scheduled to take