Murgas & Foam Fights: Carnival in Buenos Aires

While Rio de Janeiro might be the most famous and sought after destination when it comes to Carnival, Argentina should not be overlooked. While the biggest carnival of the country takes place

Buenos Aires Presents: Summer In The City

One thing no one can fault the Buenos Aires city government on is their endless array of free public concerts and events. Summer is no exception. The city’s latest project is Verano en

10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires When It Rains

Buenos Aires may be scorching hot in the summer, but it is certainly not immune to summer rains (or, in fact, rain throughout the year). It can be anything from a quick

Lollapalooza Argentina 2015: To Go Or Not To Go?

One of the biggest music festivals in North America, up there with Coachella and Bonnaroo, has recently moved down South. Lollapalooza took Chile by storm in 2010, then spread to Brazil, and finally

Must-Go Events in Buenos Aires in 2015

The beginning of the year always has that new smell in the air: of high expectations and the desire to improve on the previous year. To help you with this quest, we

Where To Party For New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is renowned for being one of the world’s best party cities thanks to its huge array of nightclubs and bars, and parties that last until after the sun has come

How To Survive Buenos Aires in Summer

Admittedly, winter has its charms and you can parade around in your warm clothes in the chilly streets of Buenos Aires, but trust us: Buenos Aires in summer sizzles in many ways besides

North Vs South: How Different Is Christmas In Argentina?

If you’re coming from the Northern Hemisphere and are used to a White Christmas, complete with twinkling lights, cosy fireplaces, christmas jumpers, rich food, and maybe some eggnog or mulled wine, then

Bsas4u Review: Polo Day Tour

Travelling around Argentina, I’ve been to tango shows, football stadiums and tried the famous Argentine Asado (or should I say a delicious god-sent meat feast?). Then I thought about venturing into something different:

Tips For A Merry Christmas in Buenos Aires

When we hear the word “Christmas,” we think of sparkling lights, decorative Christmas trees, the green and red colour combination and Christmas music everywhere. If this is your image of Christmas then